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28                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

the Genevan, who wanted to settle a colony in
Ireland. Passed the evening at the Countess de
Boufflers'. The Countess Amelie professes great
affection for her mother-in-law, and was complaining
to her of her husband's conduct. Madame de B.
reminded her that it was her son whom she was
abusing. " Ah 1" said she, "je pensais qu'il ne fat
que wire gendre."

i^th. At the Eden's at Sevres. The Queen
was extremely attentive to them at Fontainebleau
whilst the commercial treaty was pending; but
upon the Duke of Dorset's return she gave them
up entirely, and out of regard for him never takes
the least notice of them.

zoth.   The Duke d'Orleans is exiled.

2$rd. Went with Monsieur Denon to see
Valenciennes' pictures; also to the show of those
of Monsieur de Vaudreuil : all of the French
school—very inferior to the Italian.

At the opera of Edipe & Colonne; charming
music by Sacchini.

25^. Went to the apartments of that dreamer^
FAbb6 Chaupy, who finds out the Eleusinian mys-
teries to be the Gospel, and is going to publish
twenty volumes in quarto upon the four epochs in
Italy, in which he is to prove Plato and all antiquity
to have been perfect Christians.